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Water Sommelier

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Every single water on the planet is unique and different in character displaying it’s rich journey through the surrounding geology from its origin and formation to the emerging source of the spring. These fine waters have a rich cultural history some since the 5th century (where they were used for healing benefits) and the current owners are really the guardians and protectors of these 1000’s of year old springs and water sources, ensuring they remain pristine and flow continuously for future generations.   

The role of the water sommelier is varied from the classical aspects of creating ‘fine water’ menus, enhancing food flavours, pairing waters to dishes, creating bottled water sommelier reports and ultimately to advocate the protection along its entire journey whether that be cloud, glacial, forest, mountain, aquifer, mineral or spring source. 


How I can assist you 

1 Fine Waters menu creation for restauranteurs, foodies, hotels

– includes advice on water pairings for foods and other beverages, specific menus 

2 Water tastings to convey the subtle sensory characteristics of the waters mineral content, including the mineral and nutritional physiology. 

3 Brand positioning for a particular water. 

4 Sommeliers Fine Water Report & Summary detailing and analysing the water throughout its entire formative journey to the emergence at the mineral spring.

The best investment in health, performance and your creativity in a clean toxic free environment is in ensuring you have access to clean, energised living waters in their natural state. Yet due to the current stress on our waters either via decaying infrastructure, pollution or technologies it is often the last to be addressed if at all. It is imperative we all have access to water with the quality, energy and flow of a natural spring rhythmically moving in harmony with its surroundings and discover the almost infinite benefits. This can be realised with a whole house, drinking water or hybrid water system using advanced next generation water technologies. 


Bespoke water system and solution design using a modular approach and a 4step model that brings water back to its natural state using advanced media, resonance and dynamic flow structuring systems. 


How I can assist you 

  • Bespoke water systems design and solutions for individuals, domestic, commercial, community, agriculture. For whole-house, drinking-water and hybrid solutions.


Individuals | Families | Business | Community | Agriculture | Boating | Yachting

Water Systems & Technologies

Bespoke next generation water solutions for you, your home, your business, your community

Water Talks

‘Understanding water is the next step in human evolution’

Inspirational water talks from the emerging ‘New Science of Water’ to Water & Consciousness. Learn how we can better relate to the environment, understand the nature of pollution, a new awareness of hydration and diet. At their deepest level these talks give a profound new awareness of our place in the universe and yet on another level give us new daily habits to protect our environment and reduce unnecessary pollution as we learn the implications of our actions, our habits and their greater impact to the collective. No real education on water has existed until now yet a little new knowledge will change the way we approach our daily habits and set up our future infrastructures.


Water can be analysed classically, structurally or via depiction methods through its patterns and geometry. Water has both classical properties and what we can now see are it’s energetic or informational properties. Classically we measure through its mineral and pollutant constitution (quantitative) or though is its structural, energetic or informational properties (qualitative). A new definition of water quality is emerging with these techniques demonstrating a qualitative approach to water quality through geometric and fractal patterns and their aesthetic beauty. Even the beauty of your voice can be measured through its cymatic patterns in water. Where science & technology meets art & consciousness. For scientific analysis or for a unique piece of art.


  • Analyse the quality of your water, voice, sound, a moment or your environment using various water crystallography laboratory techniques, showing waters unique and sensitive infinite expression of patterns and geometry.

Water Analysis

Observing the geometry, patterns and structures in your water, voice and environment

HADO Waters

Hado therapy & personalised vibrational water imprinting for physical, mental & spiritual alignment

HADO therapy and healing helps clear dissonance and energy blocks in your biofield and body restoring you to a healthy vibratory frequency at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. When you’re out of harmony either with a part of yourself or your environment, the resonance of your vibratory frequency is disrupted. This dissonance causes dis-ease and stress and, over time, chronic illness and other imbalances.

It can be used as a complementary therapy for those who have any challenge either physical, mental, spiritual or personal or simply wish to make improvements in their life no matter how subtle. The Hado Water that is created for you is a personalized vibrational (or energetic) support that carries customised information pertinent to your needs. 


What can I expect from a Hado session?

  1. Initial Consultation. 
  2. Hado measurement 
  3. Hado code imprinting into water, personalised for you
  4. Hado water supply for a minimum of 30 days. 

Odyssey’s, adventures, transformational walking retreats to the sources of the world’s greatest, purist and natural waters for the true seeker and lover of water. A moving retreat ‘walking and talking the waters’ with immersion in ceremony, prayer, movement, ritual, meditation, sound and talks on water, Combining both modern understanding alongside indigenous wisdom and with some latest techniques in the energy of prayer and environmental space, the power of group prayer and with both localised and remote crystallography and measurement techniques. The whole experience should culminate in a deep and profound reverence to the sacredness of water and to assist in raising global consciousness.  


  • Next: Hawaii April – May 2021
  • Subsequent: (Travel restrictions dependent)

Water Pilgrimages

Water pilgrimage, adventures, transformational retreats to the world’s great water sources

Water Ceremony

A water ceremony, blessing or prayer allows us access to the deepest connections we can make to water


Ceremony was at the heart of our culture until recently when it appears to have been lost and yet our elders and indigenous wisdom keepers still practice and revere these practices. Dr Emoto brought water ceremonies back into a more mainstream audience, simplified it, made it universal and masterfully demonstrated the power of ceremony in affecting water structure in hugely beneficial ways.


Water ceremonies can be a few words of gratitude, a few minutes or much longer up to a few hours or a festival where we can celebrate with song, sound, music, dance, poetry and prayer. Each one is unique and a gift that contributes a healing vibration to the world and are always accompanied afterwards with deep connective and open hearted feelings of gratitude, love, humbleness, connection and joy. They are a must to experience.


With the guidance of the Emoto Peace Project and ‘Fellowship of the Spring’ with local customs, indigenous wisdom and offerings.


  • Schedule a water ceremony or create your own
  • Help us share your own ceremonial experience using the power of group either in person or remotely anywhere globally.

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