I AM Maat Thor

One Mission: Create a New Water Conscious Generation

About me

Spending over 3 decades gracing the skies as an aviator, you get blessed to have nature bestow your surroundings with the most magnificence of shows created simply by the movement of water and light immersing you in the forever changing poetry of nature and the celestial bodies of the cosmos. I must have dedicated an entire year of my life to being wholly immersed in a cloud of some form, watching their formation, dynamic movement and structures build around me, the rest of the time I’ve either dodged or surfed them… the latter mostly supersonic. 


Looking down from above earth-gazing is another story, traversing some of the greatest bodies of water and rivers from above watching the dynamics of natural flow and infinite expressions of meander and movement there’s a watery master architect at work, as I later discovered it’s also the master listener to all things. 


My own real water awakening began internally with boots on the ground being propelled by the effects of performance hydration, I’d previously normally focused on jet performance and not integrating myself as a piece of the puzzle. With the result of a truly startling clarity of thought and deep inner realisation, triggered simply by drinking good water, my own conscious water journey began. The question to ask then is ‘what constitutes good water?’


Coming from an exploratory research background of operational test flying next-generation high-performance jets in highly dynamic environments living in the buffer zone of control versus out-of-control gets you acquainted with proposing radical thinking, going back to the foundations, starting again just to maintain the cutting edge mostly to a highly resistant audience unwilling to accept change. To me, this seems the norm… walking the edge and just a few walking with you, if any. 


Twenty years of understanding the human subtle energy fields with the internal arts of Tai Chi has given deep insight into moving consciously with deep awareness and into the nature of consciousness which is where I was first guided with to explore water. Some say it’s researching water, I’d say it’s more of an experience or observation beginning with the infinite geometries within water crystallography alongside Dr Emoto and water ceremony, then into modern scientific discovery, latterly to the uncontaminated mindset of indigenous wisdoms and prayer and to the inner depths and qualitative aspects of our consciousness. Many a wise folk have guided me pioneering the way and the ‘Water Ohana’ brings you to the most beautiful connected people ever.


Water becomes a journey you go on to discover life, an experience, a relationship we once had and have simply forgotten, ultimately it is a journey of remembering. An eternal odyssey with no end, it’s one way, there’s no going back and no way out. What lies on that journey is up to you, what lies at the end no one truly knows no one we know of has yet travelled that far. It becomes a love affair, with water, with life. If I can nudge you into a new relationship with water, then my role is done.  


Whether you arrive from a more rational scientific inquisitive mind or a more creative intuitive one, sooner or later you’ll meet and the true nature of water will ‘wow’ you, you become awestruck in its sheer magnificence, the truth will hit home and there’ll be a calling within you leaving you gasping for breath, thirsty and resonating for more. You will simply be unable not to dive in and get swept along in its flow. There you will find me. To say its a product simply doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. It is something to be absolutely revered. 


My aim is to shift you towards this reverence.

“‘Ultimately Water is a journey of Remembering”


“‘Understanding of water will define humanity as a whole...”


A journey into understanding water

Water Way To Flow


Water Sommelier

Water menus, fine waters, water tastings, mineral spring protection.

Water Systems & Technologies

Bespoke next generation water solutions for you, your home, your business, your community.

Water Talks

Inspirational water talks.

Water Analysis

Observing the geometry, patterns and structures in your water, voice and environment.

Hado Water

Hado therapy & personalised vibrational water imprinting for physical, mental & spiritual alignment.

Water Pilgrimage

Water pilgrimage, adventures, transformational retreats to the world’s great water sources.

Water Ceremony

Schedule a water ceremony or create your own.

Hydration Protocols

Get hydrated stay hydrated.

“However we flow my aim is to give you an experience and understanding of waters true nature”


Water I’m Working On


New Water Technologies

Next Generation water solutions for you, your home, your business, your community.

New Water Infrastructure

Community Drinking Fountains bringing ‘ReWilded’ revitalised spring quality water into an urban environment near you.



Global Water Ceremonies

World Water Day 22 March 2021 global 24 hour broadcast, anchored from Hawaii, weaving all water knowledge systems together.



Water Wisdom for Next Generation

Non-profit movement to teach all children on earth the responsive nature of water.




“The quality of water we drink and use has the greatest impact on our health, performance, creativity and the environment than any other substance yet it is often the last to be addressed... if at all”


Water Thought

Rethinking Water - A New Relationship

Understanding water’s incredible sensitivity to Surfaces, Light, Sound, Movement and its Environment gives us insights into how our water relationship should be. The future of all technology and infrastructure will depend on it. 


Rethinking water requires a trans-disciplinary approach weaving all knowledge systems together each from a multi-dimensional viewpoint. 

Your Water, ReWilded

4-steps to revitalising, restoring, rewilding water, exactly how nature intended.

“‘Great water is more than just Purity’.”


Water. I Like to Observe

The People’s Lab - Water Analysis

Where Science & Technology meet Art & Consciousness


Analyse any water, your voice, any sound, your environment, your consciousness.


Revealing patterns, structures & geometry in water



Water Stories

Water I'd like to talk about is…

The science, technology, environment, art, consciousness, ancient, indigenous, mystical, cosmic, spiritual, myths, folklore, legends and heroes of water.

“Iam ... the living waters, and you swim within me, you are heaven on earth to me”

Water people saying?

Water. Friend

8 Tai Chi
3 Evolutionaries Logo

Waters True Nature

"Imagine walking barefoot through a rich virgin mountain rain forest under a full moon, with all the heavens and constellations aligned. Every crunch under your feet reverberates harmoniously throughout your body with the vibrations of the forest. You can hear the roar of a distant waterfall growing stronger with each step. Your heartbeat reveals the excitement within you, and beats with the rhythm of the forest, your breath is deep, yet sounding louder and louder until breaking clear of the forest… gasping, your breath stops, you stand in awe of the magnificence that nature has bestowed upon you and that few have glimpsed upon, overwhelmed with the joy and beauty of nature’s creative element in full flow, with its infinite expression of movement, light and sound in its original undisturbed uncontaminated purity, you simply dive in… and the journey begins."


Water Shame

Pollution. The End

The End of Pollution is a byproduct of understanding water. What we see are really the effects of pollution, the cause happens long before, way upstream and this true source of pollution is where we need to go. Once there with the right lifestyle choices and understanding of water, is where we can develop technologies and infrastructure that are all in harmony with nature, anything else is incomprehensible.

Tons of waste

Every day 2 Million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural waste are discharged into the world’s waters.

+ 1
oil & fuel spills

Every year there are 3000+ serious pollution incidents involving oil and fuel spills in England and Wales.

oil & fuel spills

In UK so far today.

Source data 

1 Sea Metrics, water pollution facts

2 UN WWAP 2003 

3 Environmental Law U.K.


“When we begin to understand water, the roadmap to ending ALL pollution begin.”


Earth is Hiring

New Water Heroes Wanted

Know a Water Hero, Seen a Water Hero, Been a Water Hero?

Water ‘bout You?

Let’s Flow

The power of words… like the water they are sensitive, let’s use them wisely

like the water I keep it fresh

Thank you for flowing by,
I’m glad you came
Fuelled by Aloha

Inspired by all the legends of water, the great pioneers, past and living, those who dare to break the norm, go against the grain and be the pathfinders for us all, may the waters guide and journey us all home together.

Dedicated to Francesco - Mille Grazie, may you be Graced by the company of Angels.